Which marvel movie is your FAV

I have been in a interesting debate over The last couple of days on which marvel movie is the best.

Me personally its a tie between capt american winter soldier and black panther.

Why I love captain american winter soldier so much is the action and the storyline in which it follows from the first captain america.

Captain america has to fight his long life best friend bucky aka winter soldier throughout the whole movie because hydra has brainwashed bucky into becoming a killing machine and capt is the only person that can stop him from carrying out that mission and not to mention he has a sick bionic arm.

The reason why i love black panther so much is because of the cultural impact it had on me and also the storyline was so compelling and sad i felt bad for kilmonger being left alone in L.A as a child because his dad was murdered by his uncle and just how that whole situation shaped his mentality he had as adult.

But i loved how advanced and beautiful the country of wakanda was and how captivating and twisted the storyline was its one of my fav movies of 2018 and i will always say wakanda forever.

But please share with me your favorite mcu movies i would love to read your thoughts and views of this topic until NEXT TIME ✌️


No intro

        Hi my nane is Dee ghant and im very excited to introduce my blog for the love of music and sports i am very passionate about these two topics i deeply love sports and i am very fond of hip hop and r&b i will be writing a blog weekly to discuss my thoughts about some of the most interesting trendy topics in sports and music to me.

Let me give you a little background about myself im originally from new york and i grew up in ohio but my dad was a huge hip hop fanatic some of his favorite artist are dmx,rakim,notorious b.i.g,jay z etc. I feel like i grew up with a much deeper love for hip hop then a lot of others.But my love of sports stems from me growing up through my adolescent years playing multiple sports such as basketball,football,and boxing anything my mom could do to get me out of the house when i was younger.I always loved being active and i also loved the importance of how sports teach you skills of brotherhood and teamwork how sports bring people together.

This is why im so excited about this new venture in my life it gives me a platform to express my thoughts about my most beloved crafts of life.For this blog my two topics are astroworld and urban meyer first off astroworld is one of the highly most anticipated albums of the year from travis scott.Im halfway through the album and the sound and the quality of this project is amazing im so happy thats its released and i cant wait to update you guys about my feelings for the rest of the project my favorite songs so far are stargazing five percent tint and sicko mode i absolutely love the sound of this project so far.

My last topic is urban meyer the head football coach of the osu buckeyes one of my favorite college football coaches ever even more then jim tressel but i wish he would of got rid of wr coach who was charged with domestic violence.Since he didnt he was put on paid administrative leave his job is on the line.I hope he doesnt get fired i know he dropped the ball on this one but i feel like they really have chance this year but i understand if they have to let him go.He didnt make the right choice in that situation now he has to pay the price but like big sean says there are no mistakes in life there are only lessons so learn from this and bounce back but thats all i have today see you next time PEACE ✌️